Allison Cook

Joined Date: October 2014Position: Firefighter Engineer

I grew up in Stellarton and moved to the Truro area in 1999. I have a great supportive partner Krista who is a Registered Nurse. I have 3 awesome children from a previous marriage. Ana, Isaac and Alex all adults now.

I am a Certified Personal Financial Planner. I worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years. Now on long term leave due to my health. Now I do what I want when I want when feeling well. I joined the Fire Service in 2003 in Salmon River and transferred to Truro in 2014. I am a fully trained Level 1 firefighter and Registered Medical First Responder. I have my Class 3 drivers license with CEVO and Pump Operators course

I always like to help others. I have learned a lot of new valuable skills and met many new friends. I love financial planning and investing. I collect coins. Love permaculture and learning to live self-sustainably. I like gardening, raising, and hunting animals for food. I do it all from the beginning to food on your plate. Travelling the world with Krista and starting a new life with my new Mayan family in Belize in 2025

Over the years I have become friends with so many firefighters and their families. From fires, training, community events and conferences you are one big usually happy family. Everyone there to help each other and their community.

Being a volunteer firefighter is a great way to help others. Learn new skills and meet new people. My first house fire you could see it 10 km away as a glow in the distance. It was just a surround and drown as it had already collapsed in on itself, but I was on the hose and could feel the heat and pressure of the hose for the first time was very memorable. My first forest fire I was 50 meters from a large spruce tree that in seconds went up in flames. I felt a woosh of air rush by me towards the tree then a huge radiant heat wave came blowing back at me. Then minutes later DNR helicopter drops 500 gallons of water 10 meters from me and the cool mist felt so refreshing. What an experience. Join, have fun and you will not regret it.

Allison Cook

Firefighter Engineer