Amanda MacLellan

Joined Date: April 2014Position: Firefighter

I was born here in Truro but like a lot of people I left for work. I returned to Truro in 2014 to be closer to my family and I could not be happier with that decision.

Nowadays no one has a lot of free time. I have a child, full time job, pets, extra curricular activities and school (we all have a list). I often hear “I don’t have the time to volunteer “. Well a nice part of being a volunteer firefighter is, they understand that life can be busy at times. I am only ever expected to help when I can fit volunteering into my life.

The training has always been flexible and fun. Most of the training is done right here at the Truro fire station. It is not always easy but we all eventually find our strengths on the team.

Within the Fire Service, I have taken many courses and training sessions. I am a Level 1 trained Firefighter, Hazardous Material Operations, and a Medical First Responder, to name just a few. There is always more training you can do in what ever direction you prefer to focus on.

Amanda MacLellan