Amy Atkinson

Joined Date: June 2008Associate Member Since 2015Position: Brigade Treasurer

I was born and raised in Truro, left for school for a while but ultimately returned to work here.

I grew up with a mother who always volunteered and as a child I quite often went with her to different volunteer functions. As a teenager I volunteered at the hospital and then life took over and I got away from it. Then one day I jokingly said to my dad, look Truro needs volunteer firefighters you should join, he laughed at me and said no but why can’t you? I thought for a minute and then said well I guess there is no real reason why I can’t, so I went to the first ever Walk in Our Boots in May 2008 and the rest is history!

I am currently an associate member and also the Treasurer and in that function, I attend meetings and events and help out where I can and also manage the money. My real-world job ties into this role as I have been doing accounting for 20 years now.

Even though I consider myself somewhat of an introvert I really enjoy the friendships and fun the fire service has given me over the years, from baseball, bowling and darts to training, pancake breakfasts and bar shifts, all of it has given me an outlet to not just sit at home but to give back to my community in a meaningful way.

Amy Atkinson