GP Loodu

Joined Date: May 2013Position: Firefighter

The Proud Winner

The Firefighter Of The Year


I was born and grew up in a small village called Dohlron in India. After completing my M.B.A. (Finance & Marketing) we moved to Canada in 2013, and received our Citizenship here .

I joined the Truro Fire Brigade as a volunteer in April 2013. I wanted to become a volunteer firefighter because I want to learn leadership and teamwork skills. This is also a huge opportunity for me to help out my new community while doing something exciting.

Within the Fire Service, I am trained as a Level 1 Firefighter, as well as in Ice water rescue, Vehicle Extrication, and attained certification in Hazardous Material Awareness. I also serve on several committees such as OH&S, Publicity, Finance and Sports/MFFA. I'm really proud of having won THE FIREFIGHTER OF THE YEAR in 2020.

I enjoy all the different non-routine tasks & challenges involved in the work. I am proud of this work. Volunteering is one of the things that brings out the best in human nature. I love being a volunteer firefighter. It means a lot to me.

GP Loodu