Kyle ROY

Joined Date: September 2019Position: Firefighter

I grew up in Maitland NS. I am engaged and have a son. I work at Sobeys warehouse as a trainer, do automotive vinyl on the side. Looking forward to completing basic firefighter training.

I helped the volunteer firefighters in Maitland after hurricane Juan years ago. It felt good to help my community and that among other things led to my interest in the fire service.

In my spare time I'm constantly trying to get better at automotive vinyl applications. I'm also a fan of video games and I play hacky sack.

The members of the Truro Fire Service have been very welcoming. I'm constantly trying to learn and they are always there to help.

If your interested in the fire service don't hesitate to join. There's a job for everyone. There's many interesting things to learn and knowledgeable people to learn from.

Kyle Roy