Nancy is the Truro Fire Service’s century-old fire truck and it was the first motorized pumper truck, replacing the much slower horse-and-wagon teams used prior.

"Back then" for Nancy meant 1919, the year she was built by American LaFrance in the United States. Nancy received her name at the factory as she rolled off the production line. The truck was shipped to Toronto, where it was purchased and sent east to Truro, entering service in May 1920.

It is still in roadworthy condition and can even pump water through its hoses. The truck could fit two firefighters up front and had a small water tank for its hose system, but mostly used hydrants when called out to blazes.

While the truck was an improvement on the wagons, firefighters in it were still exposed to the elements, as its cab was not enclosed. Firefighters a hundred years ago also lacked safety equipment taken for granted today, such as modern breathing apparatus and portable air tanks.

Nancy is now a regular feature at parades and other events, such as Pride, Canada Day and the annual Walk in our Boots recruitment campaign.

Historical Facts

1919 - Truro purchases its first motorized firefighting piece of apparatus. This piece of equipment, an American LeFrance Pumper, was affectionately named "Nancy". "Nancy" served the citizens of Truro until 1960 and can be found at the Fire Station still today.

1960 - "Nancy" is officially retired and placed in storage at one of the Town's Public Works sheds.

1972 - The Fire Brigade and friends under took the task of rescuing and restoring "Nancy" to her old self.

2005 - The antique fire truck, affectionately known as "Nancy" undergoes her second restoration.

2006 - The Brigade's antique fire truck, "Nancy" pumped water for the first time since she was retired from active duty in 1960.

Nancy in 1920 at Old Fire Station (Now Truro Farmers Market)
Nancy restoration in 1972
Nancy after restoration in 2005
Nancy pumping water in 2006 at Truro's Farmers Market parking.
Nancy pumping water at Civic Square in 2018 on 150th Anniversary of T.V.F.B