Colton O'Neill 

Joined Date: April 2017 Position: Firefighter Engineer

I was born and raised in Digby, NS where I lived until 2015 when I moved to Truro for work. I was part of Digby Ground Search and Rescue where I started my volunteering.

I have obtained my Level 1 Firefighter training along with being an Engineer.  Other courses I have taken are Vehicle Extraction, Hazmat Operations and Awareness and a few others. For my day job I work as a truck driver for Tim Hortons travelling the Atlantic Provinces.   

I joined Truro Fire to meet people and become connected with my new town, it has grown to much more. I learned many new skills and formed bonds with many. This group of great people has became a second family to me, I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else!

When I’m not working or at the firehall I like to go out on my four wheeler or take the dogs for a walk, I’m always busy doing something. 

My advice for new firefighters are do this for the right reasons, make sure your ready for the hard work and training. It’ll all be worth it when you get to put it to use.

Colton O'Neill

Firefighter Engineer