Dennis Weatherbee

Joined Date: February 2012Position: Firefighter

I was born and grew up in this beautiful small-town Truro. I wanted to be a volunteer firefighter since my childhood. So, I joined the Truro Volunteer Fire Brigade in February 2012.  

I was the only child of my parents. My father was really a hardworking man. So, I always wanted to like him and helping my community. I am currently employed full-time with Maritime Truss Ltd. in Truro.  We manufacture floor and roof trusses. I really like my job. GO triangles.

I have taken many courses and training sessions withing the Fire Service. I am a Level 1 trained Firefighter.

I like playing basketball and ice hockey; I like to play darts and hang out with my cat Norman.

I always like challenges because there is always something to learn. That is what I want to do, be a volunteer firefighter. Being able to help the community and do something meaningful and purposeful. It is a good thing to be able to help people.

I really like all the support from my firefighter family. They are awesome. They are always there to help in the time of need. You are having a extended family and you are learning new skills everyday.   

Dennis Weatherbee