GP Singh Loodu

Joined Date: May 2013Position:  Treasurer / Firefighter 

Proud Winner of The Firefighter Of The Year award for 2020

I was born and raised in the small village of Dohlron (Punjab) in India. After completing my M.B.A. in Finance & Marketing, I moved to Canada in 2013, where we eventually obtained our Canadian citizenship.

In April 2013, I joined the Truro Fire Brigade as a volunteer firefighter. I was motivated to pursue this role because it presented an excellent opportunity for me to develop my leadership and teamwork skills. Additionally, I saw it as a way to contribute to my new community while engaging in an exciting and fulfilling endeavor.

Throughout my time in the Fire Service, I have undergone extensive training and acquired various certifications. As a Level 1 Firefighter, I possess the necessary skills to handle firefighting operations. Moreover, I have received specialized training in areas such as ice water rescue, vehicle extrication, and hazardous material awareness. Alongside my operational duties, I actively participate in several committees, including OH&S, Publicity, Finance, and Sports/MFFA. Being recognized as the Firefighter of the Year in 2020 is an achievement that fills me with immense pride.

In 2022, I also took on the role of Brigade Treasurer within the Truro Fire Brigade. As Brigade Treasurer, I am responsible for managing the organization's finances, including budgeting and financial reporting. This additional role has allowed me to contribute to the brigade's operations in a new capacity, further enhancing my commitment to making a positive impact in our community. 

I take great pleasure in tackling the diverse non-routine tasks and challenges inherent in this work. It fills me with pride to be engaged in such meaningful work. Volunteering is one of the aspects that truly brings out the best in human nature, and my passion for being a volunteer firefighter runs deep. It holds tremendous significance for me personally. 

GP Singh Loodu

Treasurer / Firefighter