John Nolan

Joined Date: October 2003Past Captain 2014-2022Past Lieutenant 2011-2013Past Secretary

I am originally from Halifax, NS and have over 17 years experience in the fire service.

I have been employed as a teacher for the past 30 years, the last 20 with the Chignecto Central Regional Centre of Education.  I also work as an adjunct Instructor at the Nova Scotia Firefighters School, where I instruct various fire service programs.

I currently serve as a Captain with the Truro Fire Service and have been an officer since 2008.

I have been fortunate to be able to achieve international certification as a Level Two Fire Service Instructor, Level Two Firefighter, as well as Hazardous Materials Operations Certification. 

I have completed my Fire Officer Two Certification from the Nova Scotia Fire Service Professional Qualifications Board and recently completed certification as a Fire Investigator. 

All of my Fire ‘History’ was due to my involvement with the Truro Volunteer Fire Brigade / Truro Fire Service. I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me and hope that I can continue to give back to our community. 

Remember, “The best thing an old firefighter can teach a young firefighter is how to be an old firefighter”. 

John Nolan