Steve DesChamp

Joined Date: April 2019 Captain ward 3Position: Firefighter

I was born and raised in Shelburne, NS. I was a volunteer with the Shelburne fire department before moving to Truro in 2006 for work.

I’m married to my wife Jennifer and we have 1 son, who keeps us busy. I work full time as a supervisor with Sobeys warehouse. I enjoy being outdoors, camping, hunting and playing sports. I enjoy golf in the summer, and hockey in the winter.

As a new member of Truro Fire Brigade I’m  working towards completing my level 1 firefighter training course. I enjoy the training and I’m looking forward to obtaining other courses to further my knowledge.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others. Being a firefighter allows me to do something that helps my community. In the fire service, I have met new people that have developed into friendships that will last.

My advice to newbies- It’s a great learning experience. Firefighting is a team effort, and cooperation is key to our success.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions - it is the best way to learn.

Steve DesChamp

Captain ward 3