Steve Neil 

Joined Date: May 2011Position: Firefighter 

I grew up in Onslow. I actually started fire fighting with Onslow for 2 years before moving to Truro. My family moved around a lot through Onslow and area so I went to multiple different schools in the area, but spent a lot of my free time in Truro.  

 I've been married since 2006 and we have a teenage son.  My wife says she's happy to share me with what she calls my "other wife" Nancy (antique fire truck). Taking Nancy out for drives through town has become one of my favorite things to do in my spare time.  Outside of fire fighting I'm a UPS delivery driver for Antigonish area.

I am the chairman of two committee's; sports, and the antique fire truck (Nancy). With fire fighting some of my accomplishments include learning how to drive the antique fire truck. Not many people have been trained to do it as works differently than any other vehicle and can be quite difficult.   

I'm level 1 firefighter trained, vehicle extrication, ice water rescue, and medical first responder. I'm really proud of having won firefighter of the year in 2017.

 I just always felt a need to do something for people that's bigger than myself. I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs. We go camping as much as possible. I love playing washer toss tournaments. I coach my son's soccer team for the last 9 years. I travel for fire competitions whenever I can. (Last year coming in 22nd of over 150 firefighters in a stair climb).

The people you meet fire fighting really do become a sort of a "family”.I have met really close friends there, made travel plans with some, helped and had help in home construction, and even became god parent to a fire fighters’ kid. Truly people you know you can count on in life, even outside of service. People you can always call on. 

I think people should give volunteer firefighting a try, because helping to keep the community safe gives you a fulfilling feeling that you can only understand once you do it.  The training and skills you learn push you further than you thought you could go. The friendships and experiences you gain from it can't be found anywhere else. 

Steve Neil